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What problems does it solve?


Over the past decades, attack rates increased unchecked, making it nearly impossible for security analysts to keep up.

SOC analysts are dealing with a growing number of security incidents that they need to handle. All existing technologies are focused on automating human tasks, but they add more workload and don't leverage AI.

In the end, the decision is still on the human. The result is burnout, turnover, and lower efficacy than is required.

Challenges experts face

  • Delayed response time to incidents due to talent shortage
  • Coping with alert fatigue due to high turnover
  • Team’s knowledge preservation

These challenges put SOC teams under enormous stress, making them run behind attacks.

Arcanna does not overlap with existing tools on the market, is among the pioneers in bringing decision augmentation to cybersecurity, addressing the main challenges of the SOC today using an innovative approach:

  • threat handling with decision intelligence to cut through the noise and reduce the analyst burnout

  • consolidate institutional knowledge and address the staff shortage

  • augmented intelligence for improving the overall incident response process that will increase the team's capacity and efficiency