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How does it work?

Using a wide range of out-of-the-box integrations, continuously learns from enterprise cybersecurity experts and scales your team’s capacity to deal with threats.

It also assists with post-decision automation of analyst manual tasks such as ticketing, custom notifications or triggering SOAR playbooks.

To smoothen the cybersecurity process, our approach leverages deep learning and automation integrations.

We use deep learning to facilitate a faster response to attacks, reduce analyst burnout, and preserve organizational knowledge for complex processes. proposes a hybrid model that includes a sequence of convolutional and recurring units (such as Long Short-Term Memory) to streamline cybersecurity process handling.

Furthermore, the model is enabled to receive user feedback through an intuitive UI without the need for coding knowledge.

User feedback is important because it directly validates the results or changes them in case they are wrong.

Through the feedback mechanism, the model incorporates the knowledge of the experts that use it and becomes tailored to the environment in which it runs.

The model thus becomes a representation of all the experts that have ever provided analysis and feedback and acts according to their collective knowledge.

How comes in your help

  • Reduces response time to incidents by automating the alert handling process

    • Using Deep Learning to analyze alerts, automates the alert handling process freeing up time for your experts to hunt more and address real threats rather than wasting valuable time on identifying them
  • Integrates user feedback and preserves collective knowledge

    • learns from incident resolution and user feedback, facilitated by an intuitive UI. Over time the model becomes smarter, encompassing the knowledge of the team that uses it and adapting to the particularities of the ecosystem in which it runs.
  • Identifies false positives and reduces alert fatigue

    • By leveraging your experts' knowledge, prevents known false positives from hitting your incident response queue, which leads to fewer daily alerts and reduced alert fatigue.
  • Alert handling with Integrated intelligent automation: reduce analyst burnout

    • Give your Cybersecurity experts time to focus on what’s truly important: keeping your business secure. automates alert handling taking the strain of analyzing thousands of alerts daily from your analysts. This gives your security team more time to thoroughly address real threats rather than identifying them.